A bridge was placed spanning
seven teeth to replace the
missing tooth and give her a
bright, white smile.
This patient lost her right
canine tooth and had
multiple mis-colored front
This patient is missing
their two lateral incisors.
After braces and teeth
whitening, she was ready
for a new smile.
After a minimally invasive
procedure exclusive to Meiners
Dentistry, her new teeth have
been bonded to her smile.
This patient had extremely
stained teeth and acid
wear on the inside which
resulted in "thin" teeth.
Aesthetic all-porcelain
crowns were placed on her
front four teeth to
strengthen and whiten them.
All the following Smile Makeovers are actual patients of Dr. Zachary Meiners
and Dr. Donald Meiners and are posted here with their written consent.
This patient's teeth were
worn down over time due
to natural wear.
Porcelain crowns and
veneers were placed over
the front eight teeth to
restore a youthful
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This patient wore down their teeth with a nighttime tooth
grinding habit.  Porcelain veneers were able to restore the worn
tooth structure, and now she wears a night guard to protect her
teeth from further wear.
This patient had veneers placed long ago.  The science and art of
porcelain tooth restorations has advanced significantly, and
replacing the older veneers with new ones made an outstanding